Draft strategic development framework environmental report

For Gartcosh:Glenboig community growth area

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The Gartcosh:Glenboig Community Growth Area will create up to 3000 new houses and provide a variety of community facilities.

As required by the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, we carried out a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the draft Strategic Development Framework (SDF) and produced anpdf icon Environmental Report [550kb] to assess the document.

The consultation on the draft Environmental Report has now finished.

For your comments to be taken into account they required to be submitted in writing by the deadline of 4.15pm on 4 April 2014.

pdf icon The SDF [3Mb] was approved by our Planning and Transportation Committee on 16 April and will guide developers as they develop their masterplans for the area.

Post consultation

Following the consultation there were no significant changes required to the draft SDF.

However one of the consulting authorities raised an issue regarding the required strategic transport assessment not being complete.

This meant that all the information was not available for us to undertake a complete environmental assessment of the alternative options. As a result we do not feel that we can proceed to a post-adoption statement of the SDF at this time.

We intend to produce a environmental report update as an interim measure, this will be available here soon.

All documents associated with the environmental report can be found at the SEA Gateway using the case number 00875.

Copies of the environmental report are also available for you to see at the Planning and Regeneration office, Fleming House, 2 Tryst Road, Cumbernauld

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