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Since 2001, the council has given high priority to major capital investment in the school estate to provide high quality education facilities and to support education for all pupils

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Four strategic principles underpin the school estate investment programmes.

  1. Educational need: the provision of high-quality learning facilities to promote the educational environment of all learners, including the life-long learning opportunities to local communities, inclusion of Additional Support Needs pupils and facilities for pre-school children.

  2. Promoting corporate aims: the promotion of social and economic regeneration, social inclusion, community health and the collocation of the council services.

  3. Offering best value: the promotion of the efficient use of resources in the long term, including rationalising existing provision, realising the value of surplus assets for reinvestment and providing facilities to meet future needs.

  4. Responding to longitudinal developments: the provision of facilities which take account of curriculum, technological, and demographical changes.

Two major school investment programmes have completed which have delivered approximately £350million investment into upgrading 47 schools and community facilities for local communities across 27 sites in North Lanarkshire.

Two further investment programmes which will invest around another further £160million are underway at different stages using different procurement routes.

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