The role of committee conveners

Committee conveners have many duties including:

In addition to performing, fully, their roles as individual members of North Lanarkshire Council, Committee Conveners have added responsibility in relation to the services overseen by the Committees they chair. From that flows the following additional aspects of their role as members of North Lanarkshire Council.

  • Conveners act as a link between the membership of North Lanarkshire Council and the officers of the Council responsible for service delivery, in order that decisions made by the Council may be fully informed by an accurate representation of service opportunities and constraints and in order that work of - and with - officers in developing options for consideration by the Council with regard to service delivery may be fully informed by an accurate knowledge of the aims and priorities of the Council.

  • Conveners act as spokespersons for the Council in respect of the delivery of the services which are the responsibility of the Committees they chair and, in debate, consideration and decision making in those Committees, exercise leadership in ensuring that decisions are taken in light of Council corporate policies and decisions as they affect the individual services and in light of individual service specific policy decisions taken by the Council.

  • Conveners exercise their knowledge, skills and judgement in advising officers of the Council in formal consultations on the exercise of delegated powers or on the taking of other decisions at times when it is not possible to refer the matter for formal decision making by the Council and do so in an objective and balanced manner.

  • In chairing Committees, Conveners ensure full and fair debate commensurate with the consideration required of individual matters and, flowing therefrom, give leadership to the Committee, in terms of the Council's Standing Orders, if necessary through moving a motion for determination by the Committee.

  • Conveners liaise closely with the senior officers responsible for the services for which their Committees are responsible to contribute to the development of effective working relationships between all officers delivering those services and all members of the Council and to support the creation of an inclusive working environment.

  • Conveners in matters relating to the services for which the Committees they chair are responsible represent the Council and develop effective working relationships with partner organisations whose work can contribute to or affect the delivery of services for which the Committees they chair are responsible.

  • Conveners monitor, review and comment to officers on the performances of the services for which their Committees are responsible.

  • As senior members and office bearers of the Council, the responsibility of all members of the Council to maintain the highest standards of conduct applies particularly to all Conveners.

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