Self directed support for children

Self directed support is an approach which helps you to arrange support for your child in a way that is meaningful to your child and your family

It is about keeping your child at the centre of decision making.

At present, we have self directed support available for children with a disability who meet either priority one or priority two of our prioritisation framework.

A guided self assessment helps you, your child and your child's social worker to identify where the support your child receives from the family works well just now, and where extra support is needed.

A Resource Allocation System is used to identify how much money is available to you to plan your child's support. If it agreed that a budget will be allocated, you will know from the start how much money is available. How the money is spent is focused upon achieving good outcomes for your child.

This means that the money can be used very flexibly and creatively to help your child to achieve these outcomes. So you and your child can be involved in planning for your child's support to ensure that it is tailor made to met the individual needs and aspirations of your child, and that it is as flexible as you need it to be.


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