Use our interactive local plan

Use our online map to find out how the Plan affects you

The Local Plan portal allows you to view our proposals map online. It also gives you access to policy information relating to a particular location as represented in the Our current plan.

What is the interactive Local Plan?

While the statutory version is the adopted Local Plan in printed form, this is an electronic representation of the plan policies shown in the proposals map. It lets you search by address or postcode and zoom in on the map to find out what local plan policies apply near you.

This should be used together with the policy document and the proposals map as they are the statutory local plan documents. Where any difference in representation occurs the statutory version takes precedence.

No copying of the map layers is permitted, and persons viewing the mapping must not use it for any purpose other than viewing the Local Plan.

The Local Plan should be read along with our supplementary planning guidance as these provide detail on how the policies will be assessed.

If you have any questions relating to a particular site, you should contact us directly for advice on how policies should be applied.

Please contact us for details. For more information, see 'related pages' and "other useful websites".

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