Ethnic Minority Population in North Lanarkshire

This data is sourced from the 2011 census.

Ethnicity 2011

Ethnicity 2011Number of people% of all peopleScotlandScotland % of total population
White330,679 5,084,407 
White: Scottish313,35693%4,445,67884%
White: other British7,8922.3%417,1098%
White: Irish4,3941.3%54,0901%
White: Gypsy/Traveller2050.1%4,2120.1%
White: Polish3,0090.9%61,2011%
White: other White1,8230.5%102,1172%
Mixed or multiple ethnic groups7080.2%19,8150.4%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British5,385 140,678 
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Pakistani, Pakistani Scottish or Pakistani British3,0030.9%49,3810.9%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Indian, Indian Scottish or Indian British9970.3%32,7060.6%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Bangladeshi, Bangladeshi Scottish or Bangladeshi British420.0%3,7880.1%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Chinese, Chinese Scottish or Chinese British8980.3%33,7060.6%
Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British: Other Asian4450.1%21,0970.4%
African532 29,638 
African: African, African Scottish or African British5230.2%29,1860.6%
African: Other African90.0%4520.0%
Caribbean or Black171 6,540 
Caribbean or Black: Caribbean, Caribbean Scottish or Caribbean British830.0%3,4300.1%
Caribbean or Black: Black, Black Scottish or Black British770.0%2,3800.0%
Caribbean or Black: Other Caribbean or Black110.0%7300.0%
Other ethnic groups252 14,325 
Other ethnic groups: Arab, Arab Scottish or Arab British1340.0%9,3660.2%
Other ethnic groups: Other ethnic group1180.0%4,9590.1%
All people337,727100%5,295,403100%

Source: 2011 census


More information from the census is available from 2011 Census information

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