Alternative Maximum Council Tax Reduction

Who can claim

You may be able to claim an alternative maximum council tax reduction because your non-dependant(s) has a low income.

Your own income and capital are not taken into account in calculating any entitlement to an alternative maximum council tax reduction. For example, if you pay Council Tax but do not qualify for Council Tax Reduction because of your own income, but your daughter who is claiming income support lives with you, you may claim an alternative maximum council tax reduction in respect of her.

You can make a claim for alternative maximum council tax reduction if you share your home with a person/persons who are over 18 years of age and are:

  • not your spouse or partner

  • not paying rent to you

  • not liable to pay Council Tax

  • receiving a low income

If you are entitled to an alternative maximum reduction and Council Tax Reduction (because of your own income) the council will compare the two amounts and award you the highest one. We will tell you when this happens.

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