Cumbernauld Village Conservation Area

First designated in 1993 and reviewed in October 2011

cumbernauld village hall

Cumbernauld was established south of the Antonine Wall. By the 13th century a chapel had been built. The town grew in the classic form of a Scottish medieval town with a church and castle separated by a densely built street, part of which served as a market place. The main industries in the 18th century were weaving, lime extraction and brick making. Cumbernauld Village became a suburb of Cumbernauld New Town in the early 1960's.

Our pdf icon Cumbernauld Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan [2Mb] provides a detailed appraisal of the buildings and spaces which contribute to the unique character of the conservation area. The plan is set out to preserve and enhance the conservation area and guide development proposals.  We have also produced more general conservation area guidance within pdf icon SPG 31 [707kb].

Is your property located within the conservation area?  Quickly find out by using pastmap.

Information on the Cumbernauld Village Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) can be found in the newsletters available in 'downloads' section.

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