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Frequently asked questions about supported employment

Who is the supported employment service for?

The service is for people who have a learning disability, mental health problem, acquired brain injury or who are young care leavers.

The people who receive a supported employment service must live in North Lanarkshire, must want to work for 16 hours per week or more and have the support of their carer in their ambition to work.

What does the service cost?

There is no cost involved for the services of a job coach.

People using the service will require to pay their own expenses, including snacks, travel, outings etc.

How long does it take to find a job?

This will vary from one individual to another. No specific timescales can be given.

What about the terms and conditions of any job found?

People using the service receive the going rate for the job and have the same conditions as any other employee.

How long do people receive a job coach service for?

There is no time limit on the support of a job coach. When people get a job they receive a job coaching service until they are able to do the job without support. After this time, ongoing monitoring is provided at times agreed between the person, the employer and the job coach.

How many people receive a service?

There are over 280 people currently receiving a service.

How many people are working?

There are over 180 people working.

What types of jobs do people get?

The jobs are varied including working in shops, offices and factories. The hours people work are also varied.

How much more money do you have when you get a job?

This varies from person to person. On average people are better off by over £120.00 per week (see the pages on welfare benefits information which includes case studies, linked from this screen).

I'm interested in finding out more, who should I contact?

You can telephone us on 01698 274500 or email us using the link on this screen.

What if I have a comment or complaint?

You can contact us directly with any comments or concerns, the contact details are on this page. 

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