Success stories

Comments by some people who have used the service and found jobs

Here are some of the success stories of just a few of the people who have found jobs using the supported employment service.

You will see that they are working in various posts and industry sectors but all have one thing in common - they are happy and optimistic about their future.

Similarly, those commenting on how well the supported employees are progressing in their work are very positive about the effect that working has had both on the employee and in terms of the benefits to the business.

Job: Hotel porter

He says "I always thought working would mean I would have money to do different things but I had no idea how big these changes would be. The best thing about working is the holidays I can now go on - I'm making my way around the world!"

His manager says "He is a key member of our successful team. He is a very enthusiastic person and always willing to help out".

Job: Customer Service Assistant, Leisure Industry

His job coach says "He has a good relationship with the customers - he provides an excellent service by meeting their requirements in a cheerful manner.

"He enjoys the buzz of working here and it makes him feel good".

His employer says "the customers love him, his enthusiasm is infectious".

Job: General Assistant, Fitness Centre

She says "the best bits of the job are the people and the perks, which includes a free membership".

Her manager says "She is an extremely hard worker and an asset to our staff team. She was also voted employee of the year".

Job: General Assistant, Food Service Industry

He says "I am proud of working and since I started I am more outgoing and confident. My job keeps me busy and I enjoy working with different people. The wages are good, I now have a car, house, go on holiday and got engaged".

His employer says "He does a good job and has developed many skills since starting. He has worked in different sections and has been trained on the operation of machines. He is friendly and dependable".

Job: Cleansing Operative

He says "Due to me working here, I am able to have my own home".

His employer says "He is happy in his job and takes it so seriously that he even reports cleansing issues on his days off. He is very much part of the team and gets on well with everyone".

Job: Clerical Assistant

She says "At first I needed a job coach with me but now I enjoy doing my work on my own. The best part of working is being with people and it is good having my own money".

Her manager says "She is a valuable member of staff and integrates well into the team".

Job: General Assistant

He says "work has made me a better person and I now know what it is like to be a working man. It's great to know that I've got a job and it's local".

His employer says "He is an asset to our business. He is a wee ray of sunshine and I can't see him going anywhere other than growing with our business. He's worth every penny of his wages and I can't praise him high enough".

Job: Supermarket Cashier

She says: Having a job has helped boost by confidence. My job coach is always available to offer me support on work related issues. I feel I wouldn't be where I am if it hadn't been for supported employment".

Her manager says: "She has created a positive culture with other staff in the store and is an asset to the business."

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