European Union (EU) Directives

Frequently asked questions

The information below answers some of the more common questions and queries about the EU Procurement Directives.

What rules and regulations should I be aware of?

As a local authority, there are regulations which we must follow when procuring goods, works and services. It is important that if you wish to contract with us that you are fully aware of the rules and regulations which govern the way we operate.

We have a legal requirement to comply with the European Union (EU) Procurement Directives, which govern the way in which public sector procurement is conducted for contracts above specified thresholds and these rules alter the way in which contracts are awarded, based on the value of the contract.

Where contracts are valued above the EU thresholds, all unsuccessful bidders will be notified of the outcome and the successful bidder will be also be notified that the contract will be awarded to them, subject to there being no challenge to the award decision during the mandatory standstill period of 10 days.

Where can I obtain copies of the EU Directives?

Copies of the Directives can be obtained on the European Union website.

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