Electronic procurement

Frequently asked questions

The information below answers some common questions and queries about electronic procurement.

What is e-Tendering?

This is the electronic advertising of requirements for good or services, registering suppliers, issuing and receiving tender documents and evaluating responses over the internet, using tools such as the Public Contracts Scotland website (PCS) and Public Contracts Scotland Tender website (PCST).

What is an e-Auction?

An e-auction is an online auction exercise where suppliers compete against each other with open bids for the right to provide goods or services to the buyer.

What is e-Procurement?

e-Procurement combines internet technology with procurement best practice to streamline the purchasing processes, increase efficiency in the ordering process and reduce costs for both contracting authorities and suppliers.

What are the benefits of e-procurement to suppliers?

Participating suppliers can realise many benefits from online or e-procurement, including:

  • increased visibility and access to markets without additional marketing efforts
  • a single point of access to the council's 'market'
  • faster and more efficient tendering
  • increased order accuracy through electronic ordering
  • a consistent purchase order format.

Overall, e-procurement can help suppliers reduce costs in process, marketing, and admin operations.

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