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Frequently asked questions

How do I find out about contract opportunities?

Tenders for goods and services above £50k and works above £500k are advertised on the Public Contracts Scotland website. There you will be able to see details of current and forthcoming contracts plus information on contract awards and past tenders.

Are we looking for the lowest priced tender?

We rarely evaluate tenders solely on price. We are seeking the best balance of price and quality, not just the lowest price. Bidders and their tenders will be evaluated on a whole variety of factors, including:

  • financial viability
  • quality
  • competence
  • experience
  • technical merit and backup
  • after sales service
  • delivery date
  • adherence to council policies and protocols
  • corporate social responsibility (social, economic and environmental factors)
  • integrity
  • innovation
  • communication

What happens if I can't get my tender in on time?

Tenders must be returned as directed in the invitation to tender tender document. Tenders received after the deadline will not be considered.

How are tenders evaluated?

We have an obligation to offer the best value for money services to our residents and require an exceptional standard of performance from our suppliers. Therefore, when selecting a supplier, we must ensure that the supplier will provide value for money, and that goods and services will be delivered effectively. In the list of evaluation criteria, cost and quality are usually the most important criteria. We are however looking for the best balance of quality and price, not just the lowest price. Details of the specific evaluation criteria and the relative weighting of the criteria are included in the invitation to tender document that suppliers receive.

At any time during the tender process suppliers may be invited to give a presentation/product demonstration or attend a meeting/interview to aid the evaluation process. We may also conduct site visits to see first-hand how potential suppliers organise their work.

Why is the tender process so formal?

This is to make sure honesty and integrity are maintained throughout the process and that tenders are handled in a consistently fair and competitive manner. We are always happy to answer questions specifically about a tender and specification if you have any. We will ensure consistency in the information provided to contractors and in the way in which we communicate with them.

How much information do I need to provide on contract award criteria?

The contract notice will state whether the award is to be based on the lowest price or most economically advantageous tender. In the latter case, the contract notice or the contract documents accompanying the contract notice, will state the relative weightings given to each of the award criteria.

Are there any circumstances in which bidders must be excluded?

Bidders convicted by final judgment of money laundering, fraud, corruption or participation in a criminal organisation must be excluded automatically.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

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