What is procurement?

Procurement is the process which we follow when purchasing goods, services and works

The term applies to all aspects of the procurement process, from the identification of a need to procure to the end of the contract or useful life of the item.

Procurement activities include buying decisions such as option appraisal, tendering, contract creation and 'purchase to pay' processes.

We have a duty to work with our suppliers to deliver cost effective services to our residents which achieve 'Best Value' and we must work within European, UK and Scottish legislation using procurement processes that are open to scrutiny and deliver 'Best Value'.

Best Value means:

  • choosing a supplier that offers the best balance between the whole life cost (from acquisition to disposal) of goods and services against predefined requirements;
  • generating savings through corporate or collective action with other public bodies, and
  • generating efficiency savings through streamlining the procurement process.

Within the last financial year, we purchased goods, services and works to the value of approximately £400 million from around 5,000 suppliers.

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