National planning policy

Guiding decisions about future development and use of land in our towns and countryside

National planning policy is represented through two key documents: The National Planning Framework (NPF), and Scottish Planning policy (SPP).

National Planning Framework 3sets the context for development planning in Scotland and provides a framework for the spatial development of Scotland as a whole. It sets out the Government's development priorities over the next 20-30 years and identifies national developments which support the development strategy.

Scottish Planning Policy is a statement of Scottish Government policy on nationally important land use matters. It sets out national planning policies which reflect Scottish Ministers' priorities for how the planning system should work and for the development and use of land. The SPP promotes consistency of policy across Scotland whilst allowing sufficient flexibility to reflect local circumstances.

Both these documents were published on June 23, 2014.

For more information on national planning related issues please go to the Scottish Government website.

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