Focused Fostering

Providing a dedicated therapeutic home environment for a child with complex needs and challenging behaviour

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What is focused fostering and why is it important?

Some children and young people who have complex needs and display challenging behaviour may find it difficult to live in a family environment.  These children and young people require a more therapeutic approach, where they will be the only child in the household.

These may be children or young people who have experienced significant trauma and may have experienced multiple placements, although they could maintain some contact with their birth family.

Research indicates that children and young people who develop a positive relationship with a significant carer are more likely to experience good outcomes.

What will we ask of you?

 In addition to all that we ask of Foster Carers, you must have experience in the field of child care and preferably have completed an HNC or SVQ level 3 in child care (or equivalent). Additional training will be provided.

The assessment includes:

  • Visits to your home
  • Individual Interviews
  • Statutory checks including health and police
  • References from people who know you including a family member
  • Reference from any significant partner and employee reference where appropriate
  • Further group work

What support will you receive?

A a focused foster carer you can expect to be supported by a member of the Children's Carers Team who will guide and support you through your fostering journey.  Approved foster carers join a competency based scheme and must attend mandatory training and support groups.  This will help to support your development and enhance your skills as an approved foster carer.

As well as a clear plan of support for the child or young person, we will also ensure that as a carer you receive multi-agency support which is tailored to the needs of the placement.  This includes emergency advice and response.

We also provide a fostering allowance to cover the day to day expenses of caring for a child and a fee in recognition of your role and contribution.

As an approved carer for the focused fostering scheme you will receive a weekly fee of £500 in recognition of the services you provide.  This should be taken into consideration by you when determining your self-employment status.  See for further details.

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