State of the Environment Report

This provides valuable information for the Strategic Environmental Assessment of our Local Plan

SoE Report

This report has been commissioned by us and Scottish Natural Heritage. It has been structured around the identification of ten topics which set the environmental baseline for our area. Within each chapter, the environmental baseline components have been identified along with the associated trends and pressures on the resource.

Analysis of this information and a stakeholder workshop has led to identification of a series of key environmental assets. The report suggests appropriate measures for protection and enhancement of these assets.

Many of the environmental topics also have collective significance, for example through interactions between environmental resources. The report includes:

  • a discussion on the significance of these collective baseline features, and
  • discusses the implications of climate change which is a particularly significant cross-cutting issue for planning today.

The community also plays an important role in many aspects of the North Lanarkshire environment. The report has identified the linkages between communities in their environment and in particular the importance of accessibility to areas of open and green space.

The report and subsequent updates, will provide an environmental baseline for use within the SEA of future plans and strategies within North Lanarkshire. This will allow all aspects of the environment to be taken into consideration in developing sustainable plans for land use, community and environmental resources.

Please note, the report is currently scheduled for update. To view the 2005 version, please refer to 'download'.

Please contact us for details. For more information, see 'downloads'.

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