NLLP - Report of Examination

Published 31 January 2012

DPEA Cover for ROE

The Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) undertook an examination looking at all issues arising from unresolved representations (comments) made to the Finalised Draft North Lanarkshire Local Plan.

The 700+ page report is split into two parts.

To help you find information on a particular issue or site, we have provided the pdf icon DPEA's accompanying letter [111kb] which includes a pdf icon summary index [43kb].

This information will be available on this website for a 10 year period and is also available on the DPEA website.

What happened then?

As part of the process,pdf icon we corresponded [138kb] with the pdf icon DPEA for clarification [138kb] on some elements of the Report of Examination. We considered the recommendations made within the report. In general, we were obliged to make the requested modifications to the proposed North Lanarkshire Local Plan.

A pdf icon Report to our Committee [29kb] on the examination, identified the changes to the Finalised Draft North Lanarkshire Local Plan recommended by the Scottish Government Reporters that we intended to accept.

This report was approved and the Committee agreed with the proposed recommendations and these changes were included in a proposed Adoption Plan.

It also included the following appendices:

We accepted all but one of the Reporter's recommended changes should be included in the proposed Adoption Plan. This related to a business development along the M8.

Adopted Local Plan

North Lanarkshire Local Plan was adopted on 28 September 2012. It is now the only local plan used to guide development, inform decisions, and is planning policy for the authority. All other Local Plans have been replaced.

The plan was submitted to Scottish Ministers and we have received their pdf icon agreement to adopt the plan [1Mb].

The North Lanarkshire Local Plan will be our last Local Plan. We are now working on the preparing our first new style .

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