Project search

A one year training course run for people with a learning disability who are working towards finding a job

The Project Search programme in Wishaw General Hospital was developed to complement the work of the supported employment service.

There are two Project Search programmes in North Lanarkshire, one in Wishaw General Hospital and one in Monklands Hospital.

The site in Wishaw General was the first Project Search site to open in Scotland and due to its success, the second site in Monklands Hospital was developed.

The agencies responsible for Project Search in North Lanarkshire are:

  • NHS Lanarkshire (Wishaw and Monklands Hospitals)
  • Serco (Wishaw General Hospital Facilities Management)
  • NLC Supported Employment
  • New College Lanarkshire

How does it work?

The courses run during September to June, five days a week, Monday to Friday from the host employer (currently Wishaw General and Monklands Hospitals).

Students complete two or three work placements called rotations, and each rotation lasts 10 weeks. Rotations on offer to students at both hospitals include housekeeping, administration, reception, catering and much more.

If you would like to take part in Project Search you must:

  • Be aged 18-24 years at the start of the programme
  • Be involved with the Supported Employment Service or Motherwell College Support for Learning Department
  • Show you can get on with other people
  • Look clean and tidy at all times
  • Have a learning disability.
  • Live in North Lanarkshire
  • Be able to travel independently to Wishaw General Hospital

Benefits to the host employer of Project Search

Feedback from evaluations include:

  • Benefiting from an enthusiastic, motivated and fully trained member of staff.
  • Project Search has saved the host employer money in both recruitment and overtime payments.
  • Host employers have won prestigious awards.
  • Business reputations has been enhanced as a disability friendly company.
  • That the host employer has developed its corporate responsibility by giving a person with a disability an opportunity to have a rewarding job in their own community and be more independent.

Could you be a host employer in North Lanarkshire?

It is crucial that the host employer, further education college and supported employment service work in partnership to develop a Project Search site.

This would mean that your company would need to consider:

  • The programme must be business led
  • You would be able to participate without subsidy
  • A business liaison in your company would need to be identified to be actively involved with crucial decision making, including site development, placement development, recruitment of students
  • Your company would need to employ a minimum of 200 employees to be able to offer a variety of placements
  • You would be able to provide an on site classroom
  • You would adhere to the programme model

To find out more, please use the contact details on this page.

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