Supported employment service

Information for individuals and carers

What we can do for you:

Vocational profile:

We will meet with you to discuss your skills, interests, ambitions and experience.

We will support you to undertake job tasters - these will help you to try out some jobs and to complete a vocational profile which will identify the right job match for you.

Job finding:

We will help you to look for the right job.

Job coaching:

If required, one of our job coaches will then work with you at your workplace to learn the job.

As you become more confident and competent in the job, your job coach will withdraw gradually until you can do the job on your own.

What is expected of me?

  • You reside in North Lanarkshire
  • You want to work 16 hours or more a week
  • Your carer supports you in your ambition
  • You have a learning disability, mental health issue, an acquired brain injury or you are a young care leaver

What will the service cost me?

  • The employer pays the supported employee the going rate for the job
  • There is no cost involved for the services of a job coach
  • You will be expected to cover your own expenses i.e. snacks, travel, outings

What about my terms and conditions when I'm employed?

  • You will receive the going rate for the job
  • As with any other employee, you will have the same terms and conditions

How long does it take to find a job?

  • This will vary from one individual to another
  • No specific timescales can be given

Welfare benefits

We will provide you with support and information to maximise any welfare benefits to which you are entitled. This is done with the advice and guidance of a welfare rights officer. You will also be provided with an in work calculation to show how going into work will affect your benefits.

On average the people we work with are over £100 per week better off in work.

Evaluation and performance reports

We have published two reports on our service, the pdf icon Supported Employment Evaluation Report 2016 [646kb]  and the pdf icon Supported Employment Service Performance Report 2016 [1010kb].

Both are available to download from this page.

Employment signposting

Booklets on helping young people to find work are available to download from this page.

What if I have a comment or complaint?

You can contact us directly with any comments or concerns, the contact details are on this page. 

Please use 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages' and 'downloads'.

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