Conservation areas

We have revised the boundaries and prepared detailed appraisals of all our conservation areas

Blairhill and Dunbeth (Coatbridge)

Cumbernauld Village (Cumbernauld)

Drumgelloch (Airdrie)

Dullatur (Cumbernauld)

Hamilton Road (Motherwell)


Victoria and Town Centre (Airdrie)

We have set out to establish a conservation and enhancement framework, which enhancement strategies and development management decisions can be based upon. This is in line with Scottish Historic Environment Policy, Scottish Planning Policy and Planning Advice Note 71 on Conservation Area Management.

What is the purpose of conservation area designation?

To preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area. Research has shown that if you follow conservation guidance, the price of your house may improve.

Is your building listed or in a conservation area?

You can find out if your bulding is covered by one of these, or affected by any other heritage designation.

What extra controls does conservation area designation apply?

There are tighter controls over demolition and all trees are protected. In applying these controls we require to have special regard to the character and appearance of the area.

You should note that most permitted development exemptions do not apply to conservation areas or listed buildings

The demolition of most buildings in conservation areas will need conservation area consent, even if any other permissions under the planning system are required.

The development management process will seek to apply the pdf icon conservation area guidance [707kb] and to ensure that development is of good design quality and takes account of the local conservation context and relevant management plan.

If you wish to make an application for conservation area consent you can visit the ePlanning Scotland website and download the appropriate forms.

You can find information on good practice for buidlings in conservation areas and on replacing windows.

Please contact us for further advise or if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages' and 'download'.

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