Cambusnethan Primary School

New build project built on the site of the previous Cambusnethan Primary School

Eddie Boyle Close 17

Site: Cambusnethan Primary School
Development Name: Eddie Boyle Close
Number of Units: 20 
Cost: £2,300,000.00
Start Date: March 2010
Completion Date: April 2011 

This development consists of 20 amenity houses surrounding a courtyard area.

The development has been named Eddie Boyle Close after a former head teacher within the previous primary school.


The houses have been built to Housing for Varying Needs which means elements such as: 

  • Step free access from the road  
  • Door openings are wider and clear space for people with mobility aids to turn.
  • Electrical switches and sockets at accessible locations and heights
  • Handrails on both sides of stairs
  • At least one bedroom with clear access for a wheelchair to the bed
  • Bathrooms with gulleys built into floors for later adaptation if necessary

The houses are also built to Secure by Design standards meaning elements such as:

  • Fences to the rear gardens 1.8m high
  • Windows overlooking public areas and parking
  • Approved by Strathclyde Police

In addition, items suggested by the council's Community Safety Unit were incorporated including:

  • Door viewers and limiters
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Clear numbering


The houses are decorated throughout. Tenants are advised not to decorate for at least the first year after moving in as the houses are still within the defects liability period. As such, any repairs that need to be undertaken by the contractor during this period may damage their décor for which there will be no compensation. Tenants are also advised not to hang any heavier items such as televisions etc on the walls to try to prevent damage.

The kitchen and bathroom fitments are the same as those used in the council's capital mainstream replacement programmes. The colour choices are based on the most popular choices made by tenants within those programmes. The bathrooms have been designed in such a way as to minimise the amount of work required if level access shower facilities are required.

If they so wish, tenants can apply to the council's care of gardens scheme for assistance with their individual garden areas.

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