North Lanarkshire community learning and development partnership strategy

Welcome to the North Lanarkshire Community Learning & Development Partnership Strategy.

The North Lanarkshire Community Learning and Development Partnership has consulted widely with learners, communities and learning providers to establish the most effective methods of addressing the need for the creation of learning opportunities within the North Lanarkshire community.

The strategy sets out shared outcomes and indicators, and outlines what North Lanarkshire Community Learning and Development Partnership seeks to achieve. It also establishes how it contributes to the priorities set out by the North Lanarkshire Partnership. To facilitate the implementation of the strategy, six locality Community Learning and Development Partnership Action Plans have been produced.

Through the establishment of the strategy the partnership hopes to build an inclusive learning community in North Lanarkshire where learners not only feel confident in their ability to be involved in planning their own learning, but also contribute to the development of their communities whilst, at the same time, undertaking enjoyable experiences which will last a lifetime. 

A new revised plan has been developed to take account of changes within local community planning arrangements.  This new plan for 2018 - 2021 is currently available in draft format pending consultation with partners and communities.

Further information can be obtained by downloading the plans.

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