Are you looking after someone else's child?

You may have a legal responsibility to inform us


Private fostering is the term used when a parent or guardian places a child under school leaving age in the care of someone else who is not a close relative or officially approved foster carer for a period of more than 28 days.

This could include:

  • Looking after a friend's child while they work away from home
  • A neighbour having trouble coping with a new baby and asking you to look after it for a few weeks
  • A friend from abroad asking you to let their child stay with you while they attend school here

If you are doing this, it is private fostering and you have a legal responsibility to inform your local authority.

The local authority has a responsibility to secure the welfare of all privately fostered children so they need to carry out a number of checks.

Please see the leaflet at the right hand side of this page for further information.

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