How your rent is calculated

We use a points weighting system to determine our rents

We operate a points weighting system, with rents based predominantly on size and type.

Rent levels vary in accordance with the points value. This ensures that tenants in smaller houses with fewer amenities pay lower rents than those in larger houses with more.

In addition, a 20% premium will be applied to the rents of all new houses built by the Council. This reflects their superior standard of amenity and brings new build rents more into line with other local housing providers.

How do our rents compare?

North Lanarkshire Council set its rent increase for 2018/19 at 5%. This means an average rent increase of £3.06 per week from 1 April 2018. The average weekly rent in North Lanarkshire of £64.23 is second lowest among Scottish councils and approximately 12.3% below the national local authority average (£72.11). Local registered social landlord (RSL) rents are, on average, 11.5% higher at £71.62 per week.

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