Frozen lochs and rivers

Advice on staying safe

Strathclyde Loch frozen

In very cold weather the lochs at Strathclyde Park and Drumpellier Park in Coatbridge and parts of the River Clyde can ice over.

The ice may look pretty and strong enough to walk on but it is not. Any person or animal walking on frozen waterways risks their life.

We urge all park users to stay well clear of the waterways and ask dog walkers to keep their pets on a lead. Anyone who steps onto the ice is risking their lives and the lives of rescuers. The safest thing to do is stay clear of the water.

This advice is supported by Scottish Canals who are urging everyone to take extra care and stay SAFE (Stay Away From the Edge) when they visit waterways this winter.

Towpaths, bridges and lock-sides can be particularly slippery during the winter and snow can conceal trip hazards such as boat mooring rings close to the water's edge.

Frozen waterways, like canals or rivers, can be very dangerous as the ice can be very thin in places, with freezing cold water moving in currents beneath the surface.

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