How we allocate Very Sheltered Housing

The allocation procedure

Very Sheltered Housing is allocated to applicants that have the greatest need for this type of specialist accommodation.

Eligibility for Very Sheltered Housing Developments will be established by the completion of a Sheltered Housing Assessment Form (completed by the relevant locality housing office) and a Community Care Assessment (completed by the relevant Social Work Locality Team). Some applicants may require a further detailed assessment to determine suitability for very sheltered housing provision.

Applicants must be in housing need. The present living situation may no longer be suitable because they:

  • are unable to remain living in their current home even with the delivery of community care services such as home care and community nursing and/or,
  • those who would without the provision of this accommodation would have a requirement for long stay residential care.

Housing need is recorded through the Council's sheltered housing allocation system. Applicants are assessed on their level of housing need by completion of the Sheltered Housing Assessment Form and pointed accordingly.

Applicants must be 60 years of age, or over, in the case of joint applications, one of the partners must be 60.

Allocations Criteria

Applicants for the development may come from a range of housing/accommodation, including long term care; sheltered housing, rented or owner occupation. Applicants may also come directly from an acute hospital setting, wherein it is assessed that their current accommodation no longer meets their needs. Very Sheltered Housing will usually provide services not available in the applicants current accommodation.

Applicants will benefit from being supported in the development until their needs increase/health deteriorates to the extent that they require long term care.

Applicants will have support and care needs because of a range of difficulties. This can include people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities or mental health issues, such as dementia.

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