How are tenants informed about the work?

Keeping you informed about the work we carry out in your home is an important part of the capital programme

Each individual project is different, but the information provided to tenants will include:

  • A letter to tenants participating in a programme within 12 months of the programme starting.
  • Approximately 16 weeks before the works start, tenants may have an opportunity to attend a local drop-in session to find out more about the works. Depending on the programme, tenants will be informed of arrangements.
  • The contractor will contact tenants to make arrangements to survey the property and discuss the options available to them.

The Programme Liaison Officers can discuss any concerns with tenants and offer support where necessary.

Tenants involved in a kitchen or bathroom upgrade will receive a leaflet providing more information about the works taking place.

Before the work starts, a letter will be sent from the appointed Contractor to:

  • Confirm the start date.
  • Provide details on how to make alternative arrangements, if necessary.
  • Provide contact details for any enquires.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions.

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