How are houses selected for each programme?

We consider the Scottish Housing Quality Standard as well as the age and condition of your home

Kitchen The Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS), defines what is acceptable good quality housing.  All local authorities and registered social landlords had until 2015 to meet this standard and after this must ensure all properties remain at that standard. We achieved this standard by April 2015 however we still need to continually invest in our properties to ensure this standard is maintained.

In addition to the SHQS, we choose properties for the capital programme through chronology, which means that works start at our oldest properties or building elements and work their way to newer homes. 

We will also take into consideration where properties requiring work are located, so we can plan projects within a particular area, which allows a more efficient way of working.

All of the above is taken into consideration before a property is added to a capital programme.

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