Annual performance information

Find out how the council has performed

Throughout the year we monitor performance of services, activities and programmes of work delivered by the council and in partnership with others. 

We report this information to our management team, elected members and the public in various ways.  This information shows how we have performed each year against our plans and priorities.

Information is also reported to show:

Comparing our performance

Our performance in certain areas of our business can be compared across all councils in Scotland. This is available through an online tool at: My Local Council, and summarised at Comparing our performance.

North Lanarkshire - first in Scotland and the UK

North Lanarkshire have been the first in Scotland and the UK for a number of significant achievements - these are listed in the link below

Annual Governance Statement

The annual governance statement is the framework within which the council operates.  This is updated annually - further details and a copy of the most up to statement is available from the link below.

Annual Assurance Statement

As part of the powers given to the Scottish Housing Regulator defined in the Housing Scotland Act 2010, Registered Social Landlords are obliged to advise the Regulator if they meet the Regulatory Standard and Requirements as a signed written statement by the Council's Convener. This to be made available and accessable to tenants and service users. A copy of the signed document is available to view below. For more information, please see Scottish Housing Regulator: Amended Governance.

Previous years performance

Copies of previous year's annual reports are available on our website.

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