Vehicle emissions testing

Protecting the air quality in North Lanarkshire

Throughout the year, testing teams will stop motorists in Chapelhall, Whifflet/Shawhead, Croy and Motherwell Town Centre, where North Lanarkshire Council has declared Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs).

Drivers whose vehicles' emissions exceed the legal limits will be issued with a £60 fixed penalty notice. The fine, however, may be waived if drivers can prove that their vehicles have been repaired, returned and made to comply with emissions standards within 14 days of the test.

The vehicle emissions campaign aims to create a better atmosphere in North Lanarkshire where vehicles are bigger polluters than industry.

This is damaging to the environment and, potentially, to the health of residents and pedestrians in heavily polluted areas. A clean and efficient engine saves money on fuel and reduces maintenance costs. There is also a vehicle idling programme that runs simultaneously with the emissions campaign, and enforcement Officers will be carrying out vehicle idling patrols around a selected number of areas in North Lanarkshire.  This will enable local authority authorised persons to request vehicle users to switch off engines when parked and to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to those who refuse to co-operate.

The campaign forms part of the North Lanarkshire Council air quality strategy aimed at reducing PM 10 (Particulate Matter with a diameter of less than 10 microns) pollution in the following areas of North Lanarkshire:

  • AQMA 1 - Lauchope St / Main St, Chapelhall
  • AQMA 2 - Calder St / Whifflet Rd, Whifflet, Coatbridge
  • AQMA 3 - Motherwell Town Centre - comprising Civic Centre area and Junction of Merry St/Hamilton Rd, Motherwell
  • AQMA 4 - Constarry Road, Croy

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